At the 2022 Congress in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, we announced the hosts and locations for the next Congress. The 2024 ICMM Congress will be held in…

the Netherlands and Belgium!

Your hosts for the week will be:

The National Maritime Museum – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Maritiem Museum Rotterdam – Netherlands
Museen aan de Stroom (MAS) – Antwerp, Belgium
Zuiderzee Museum – Enkhuisen, Netherlands

It is a well known fact that for centuries, the popularly known “low lands” of The
Netherlands and Belgium have had a complex relationship with the sea, which is
sometimes friend, and sometimes foe. The low countries have been seafarers for many centuries, with strategically positioned ports, allowing us to make contact with the whole world, shaping our cities. The opportunities offered to seafaring nations like our own are tempered by emerging challenges in the coming years related to higher sea levels and climate change.

The history of the Low Countries can neither be separated from the history of the North Sea nor from that of the shipping industry. Its modern port cities more often than not started out as a small fishing village, using strategic riverside positions to develop trade, growing from a regional hub to an international port. This is as true for Rotterdam and Enkhuizen as it is for Amsterdam and Antwerp – and while each city has its own unique history and character, they all share an equally rich maritime heritage.

We are very honored to welcome you to our “low lands” for a truly memorable international experience. It will also coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam.

On behalf of all four museums, The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam, Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen, MAS Antwerpen & Maritiem Museum Rotterdam,

Warm regards,

Bert Boer, Director, Maritiem Museum Rotterdam
Michael Huijser, Director, The National Maritime Museum Amsterdam
Stephan Warnik, Director, Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen
Waander Devillé, Head of Maritime Collections, MAS Antwerpen