ICMM brings maritime museum professionals together from all over the world for regular conferences, creating a strong network of maritime museums and people.

ICMM organises a week-long International Congress every other year, at maritime sites around the world. Lectures, workshops, discussions, and site visits cover a variety of issues of concern to maritime museums. Companionable after-hours sessions and excursions add to the strength of networking contacts formed at the conferences.

ICMM is a service provider for maritime museum professionals. ICMM provides a focal point of contact and professional help for museums large and small. ICMM offers technical assistance on ship and boat preservation; opportunities to exchange collections or staff; loan exhibitions; planning, research, educational programming, and public relations; and procurement of supplies for maritime preservation projects.

ICMM supports the flourishing international network of maritime museums with a website to inform members and the public of maritime museum events and developments worldwide.

ICMM is an ICOM-affiliated organisation and has the status to represent and support member museums in matters of common professional interest.

ICMM’s contribution to the maritime museum world

ICMM monitors, nurtures and supports maritime museums and maritime preservation activities on an international scale.

ICMM provides formal and informal networks of communication, information, resources and advice for more than 200 member organisations and individuals.

ICMM develops guidelines for the documentation and preservation of historic and traditional ships and boats.

ICMM provides standards and guidelines for underwater archaeology.

ICMM develops strategies to ensure long-term public awareness and appreciation of the significance of maritime preservation.